You & Me & Everything

by The MacQueens

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You're the shimmer in the rain The heart and soul that rages Through the fire and through the pain Even when you get obscured When the fog gets thicker When I'm lost when I'm not sure Chorus: You’re what separates the light From the dark that bleeds right through You and me and everything And in the final reckoning Through salty tears we sing The song of you and me and everything You're like trying to glimpse the air So I was not prepared To turn around and see you there And though the years have disappeared You know we're right on time Cause I for one am good right here
I’m not a hero or a villain too I’m not a liar, I’m an honest dude I might have a complex but so do you I’ve got no love for all your rules Chorus: I’m just my own kind of ordinary man My own kind of ordinary man And I don’t mean rude But just because I’m not like you Doesn’t mean a thing to me I’m not a martyr, just a friend But it’s not my style to play pretend I’m not a lawyer or a politicker fiend But I’m a bit of a fighter, between you and me
I’m not quite who I’d choose to be But I am who I am and who I am is what I need you to see Sometimes the truth is a most uncomfortable thing But I am who I am and what you see is what I need to believe Chorus: My better angels don’t always win And sometimes the light’s not the place I’ve been oh oh Some days I have a fiery soul But some days I believe all the lies I’ve told oh oh This is my declaration of imperfection I pledge allegiance to my intention My heart’s not what I wish it was But it is was it is and in the end I guess it does what it does But it lets me feel the things I feel for you So l’ll give what I’ve got and I hope that you feel it too
You startled me, when I looked at you You returned my gaze, but passed right through To the other side of my shining eyes And I swear you snuck right into my mind Chorus: Now I’m an open book to you But you’re this concrete wall to me Would you tear it down for me Or am I just stuck waiting? Can we walk a mile in each other’s shoes? Cause you know my smile but I don’t know you I’m in a mile in if I’m an inch But can you even spare an inch? You’ve got no skin in this game And you see right past the skin I’m in I’ve got nothing else that I can bring Unless you let me in
Would you fall away with me To some better place To a world that's caught Holding heaven in between Chorus: And I would take you there Maybe stumbling through the door And I would take you here If only you would rise from the floor Like an autumn leaf Blown across the street I might float away On the winds of change
People standing still People staring up Trying to read the signs This way to Vegas this way to Rome This way here is the way back home Do you stand alone, Do you stand apart Another face in the crowd You’re not alone in your loneliness You’re just one part of our broken holy mess Chorus: We’ll be knit together if you hold tight along the way North or South, East or West is not the question to-day Cause this rambling caravan is headed to the centre To find to Holy One and Swing the Censor Are you Don Quixote Or maybe Captain Kirk Somedays we’re all the fool Is the desert your playground or are you lost in the stars Or is your desire among those old street cars Your train leaves in an hour You don’t know where to but that’s okay We’re not alone in our loneliness We’re all one part of this broken holiness
A man stumbles on his query Darkness weighing on his mind Dancing moonlight drives him crazy Limbs of day and night entwine He makes his way unto glory At least that’s what he hopes to find Takes a moment of expression Recalls a promise out of time Chorus This is where the lights grow dim This is what the angels hum This is when knees meet the ground This is who he’s been praying to Feet follow subtle pathways Throughout the hinterland Tracing lines of whispered story Tracing lines upon your hand Supplication breaks the silence And find repose in pregnant stillness Now there’s just a piercing heartbeat Anticipating holy nearness
Come take my hand and lead To the place where I want to be found The day when our stories enfold The moment I'm found here I want to be found here with you Come take my heart in your hands Hold me and keep all I am The moment I’ve longed towards Is the moment I'm found here I want to be found here with you ‘Cause the moment I'm found here I want to be found here with you Chorus: So find me completely Find me completely Find me completely I want to be found here with you I want to be found here with you I want to be found here with you Cause the moment I’m found here I want to be found here with you
For so many years I’ve wandered Looking for any way to spend Every penny of my unearned fortune Trying to buy what I couldn’t comprehend So I purchased the night with my folly And I gambled the sun away Then I burned it all to hell and fell Into the filthy clay Chorus: And there in the mud I found it The pearl I never wanted Life’s not what I thought it was Grief and love are so dearly acquainted Now I’ve written the song that fools sing Lend me an ear and I’ll give you both hands If not as your son, just to work here I’d trade my name to be a slave in your lands Father Master whoever you are Your son was lost in his pretension I’m just his ghost don’t mistake me for more Then a shadow in need of redemption My Father’s refrain, Not what I expected Not what I deserve My son, my son comes home
You forgot where you came from And I never knew anyway A brilliant light falling out of the night You eclipsed the sun of my day Chorus: Stories come and stories go But we'll stay side by side It's not the telling it's the show Our love's ahead and behind Our lives are intertwined Years have passed some slow some fast We took the unfamiliar road But all along the way we kept The key to our hearts’ abode


released August 16, 2019


all rights reserved



The MacQueens Kitchener, Ontario

The MacQueens are Kris and Livia, a Canadian married music duo (and their sometimes band) known for compelling songwriting, rich vocal harmonies and intricate instrumentation. In August of 2019 they released their first studio album, "You & Me & Everything". Their music is currently in rotation on over 40 radio stations in Canada, including regular coast to coast to coast rotation on the CBC. ... more

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